Welcome to All Smiles’ third blog post. This blog post is a little different. Today I am going to share with you a story that I wrote about a dog named Phoebe. I briefly mentioned this story in the second post about Snowball. But today I am going to tell you Phoebe’s story. And before I start I would like to thank all of you once again for all of your support. It has really inspired me to keep going at what I am doing. Thank you all!

Phoebe is a beautiful blue haired Pit Bull who has a heart of gold. When Phoebe was a baby puppy she was in a bad home where she was yelled at and physically hurt. But when she was just a few months old someone took Phoebe away from the bad home and was transported far away from the bad home. My parents and I got to be some of the people who got to meet Phoebe.

Today, Phoebe is in the loving family she deserves not even thinking of her newborn puppyhood. But instead she is thinking of which toy she could choose from the toy box.

Here is the story I wrote:


Phoebe is a sweet Pit Bull who was used as dog fighting bait. She refused to fight. The people who made her fight were going to put her down the next day.  That night she was in a cage, trapped, when the cage just opened.  Join Phoebe on her adventure to end dogfighting.

Chapter 1:  As a Young Puppy

It was a very cold day. It was February 28 when in a back of a house a Pit Bull puppy was born. Her name was Phoebe.

Phoebe was the sweetest dog. All she wanted was a kind, loving family who loved her. But she did not have a kind, loving family who loved her. She was not born to be in a loving family. She was born to used as dog fighting bait.

“This dog is the perfect fighting dog,” said one man pointing at Phoebe.

“We need more of these Pit Bulls, the people down the street are making a fortune!,” said another man as he hit Phoebe with a stick.

Phoebe let out a weak bark.

The men put the Pit Bulls in a cage and went into the house.

Over night Phoebe was forcing her self to break the cage and break free. She tried harder and harder, but the cage would not budge.

Phoebe’s first weeks and months did not go well.

She hated being forced to watch other innocent Pit Bulls fight. She hated how everyone took her for granted. She hated not having a loving family who loved her.


One day Phoebe had to sit down and watch her daily dog fight. But something was different as people were betting on dogs who they wanted to win, Phoebe saw a dog. Phoebe looked a little closer to see that the dog was a Pit Bull. The Pit Bull looked just like Phoebe. It was even wearing the same purple collar as her. It was like Phoebe was looking in a mirror. Then, the dog winked and ran away. Phoebe was confused.

Someone hit Phoebe and yelled at her to watch the fight. Phoebe turned around sad. She did not want to watch other dogs fight. She was tired of be treated wrong. She was tired of being in a bad place. She was tired of being yelled at for no reason.

Phoebe looked behind the fight that was just starting. It was that dog again. But this time the dog was with a family. But the dog was not looking at Phoebe. She was playing fetch. Phoebe let out a happy bark. The dog barked back. The family walked away. Seeing the dog with a family who loved it make Phoebe happy. Phoebe let out a happy bark.

Phoebe was hit again and was told to be quiet. Phoebe obeyed as a bunch of things went through her mind:

Is this real? Am I dreaming of it? Is it my future?

The fight ended as Phoebe was taking to herself.

Unfortunately that was the last time Phoebe saw the dog for a while.


Chapter 2:  Phoebe’s First Fight

It was time for Phoebe’s first dog fight.

One person grabbed Phoebe and put her in front of one dog.

People started to gamble on what dog would win. Two people bet Phoebe would win. Five people bet the other dog would win.

Phoebe starred at the other dog who was in front of her.

“Fight,” said one voice.

Phoebe just stared at the other dog without moving.

“Fight you dogs,” said another voice hitting Phoebe with a stick.

Phoebe just sat there and just looked at the other dog.

People said fight about twenty times until a man grabbed Phoebe’s collar and threw her into a cage.

Someone grabbed Phoebe and threw her in a cage.

“Enjoy your last hours,” the man walking away.

Phoebe just sat there pawing at the cage. She was so sad. She wanted to stand up for her kind, but she did not know that it would turn out like this.

It was night. Phoebe had given up. She just was inside the cage lying down and looking at the outside world when the cage just opened.

Phoebe sat up in shock. “Could this be my lucky break?” Phoebe thought.

Phoebe jumped and ran out of the cage as fast as she could.

After about a minute of running, Phoebe saw a familiar sight. It as that dog again. Phoebe stopped running and locked eyes with the dog. The dog winked and ran away. Phoebe ran away also, but in the opposite direction.

After Phoebe had ran about two miles she sat down under a tree and went to sleep.

The next day she woke up and started running. She ran into a neighborhood where there were big houses.

Chapter 3:  Phoebe’s New Friend

As Phoebe ran down the streets she saw three kids huddling around a smaller girl wearing a pink shirt.

Phoebe ran over to the situation. As she got closer, she started to hear voices.

“Do it,” said one voice in a low mean voice.

“No!” cried another.

When Phoebe arrived at the situation she realized that the people were trying to get her to smoke a cigarette. Phoebe started to think of her situation and how it was so similar to the girl who was being huddled around by bullies.

Phoebe did not think much longer until she started to do a “get away” bark.

The bullies ran away, but the girl stays.

“Thank you,” the girl said as she bent down to give Phoebe a kiss.

Phoebe kissed back.

“My name is Mary,” the girl said.

She looked at Phoebe’s collar where it said,” Return me to 15739 Berry Street, West Wood”.

“West Wood,” Mary said.

“They have high dog fighting crime rates! You know what, you can come stay at my place. Follow me dog!”

Phoebe started to follow the Mary down the street where there was a giant brick house.

“This is it!,” said Mary.

“I am only fourteen, so I still live with my parents.”

“Who is this?,” asked Mary’s mom.

“This dog is from West Wood where all the dog fights are. She just helped me out with the bullies!”

“Is that so?” asked Mary’s mom.

“We need to keep her here so she does not have to go back!”



Chapter 4:  The Friends Keep Coming

The next day Phoebe and Mary woke up happy.

They ate breakfast and then went for a walk.

As they were walking they encountered a trailer park.

They saw a family with one a young girl in their yard playing kickball.

A young girl who was about twelve walked up to them. She was wearing a yellow skirt and a purple shirt that said in golden letters “Believe”.

“Hi,” she said.

“My name is Elizabeth. These are my parents. My mom’s name is Fall, and my dad’s name is Greyson. What is your name?”

“Mary,” said Mary.

“You have a beautiful dog,” Elizabeth said. “I have always wanted a Pit Bull, but my family can not afford a dog. My parents gave all they had into taking care of me”

“Thank you,” said Mary, looking down and Phoebe. “This sweet girl is from West Wood. She ran away and found me.”

Phoebe looked up at Mary.

“Do you want to join our game?” Elizabeth asked smiling.

Mary had never been asked that.

“Yes,” Mary said exited.

“Would your dog like to join?” Elizabeth’s dad asked looking at Phoebe.

Everyone looked at Phoebe smiling.

Phoebe ran behind the pitchers mound.

Everybody smiled and laughed.

The day went by fast.

“Do you want do come over tomorrow?” Elizabeth asked. “Is 2:00 a good time for you?”

“I will be over at 2:00,” Mary said. “So will my dog”.

Phoebe was so happy.

The girls gave each other their addresses and then Mary and Phoebe went home.

The next day when Mary and Phoebe were walking to Elizabeth’s house they heard a scream.

It was one of the bullies.

He was being attacked by a raccoon!

Phoebe saw him.

She ran over with maximum speed and threw the raccoon off of him and chased it away.

Phoebe ran back to the boy and licked off the blood from the scratches.

The boy got up as Mary ran over hugging Phoebe.

“Thank you so much,” the boy said.

“I am sorry about how mean I was to you. I love your dog. She saved my life”.

“It is okay,” Mary said.

“Friends,” said the boy looking at Phoebe.

Phoebe licked him.

“That is dog language for “friends,” Mary said

Mary and Phoebe walked to Elizabeth’s house.

“Sorry we are late,” Mary said.

“There was a boy being attacked by a raccoon. Phoebe came in and saved him”.

“Heroes do not need to have capes,” Elizabeth said looking at Phoebe.

“What do you want to play?” Elizabeth said looking at Phoebe.

Phoebe looked around and brought back a football.

Everyone laughed.

The day went by fast again.

The girls decided that they would meet everyday at 2:00. And, if Mary did not make it, Elizabeth with come to her house to check to see if she is ok.


Chapter 5:  We Meet Again

Phoebe and Mary were going to Elizabeth’s house as people were cheering for Phoebe.

Everyone heard the story about Phoebe’s save.

After about twenty minutes of walking, Mary realized that they went the wrong way.

They passed by a white house with a large tree when Phoebe started to shake.

Someone came out of the house.

He got Phoebe and Mary and tied them up to the large tree.

“You thought you could get away you Pit,” said the man.

“Leave the dog alone,” Mary yelled trying to break free.

As this was happening Elizabeth ran to Mary’s house and knocked in the door.

Nobody answered. Mary’s parents were working at the time.

Elizabeth ran around the neighborhood yelling “Mary!”  She looked around until she found muddy paw prints leading to West Wood. “Oh no,” Elizabeth said under her breath.

Mary and Phoebe were tied up to a tree for twenty minutes until someone said something.

“Which one of you should I hurt first,” someone said.

Then someone yelled “Let them go”.

It was Elizabeth.

They tied her up too.

Now Mary, Elizabeth, and Phoebe were tied up.

Then someone said holding a stick “I think I am going to start with the dog”.

“No!” Mary screamed with all her might.

The person pointed the stick at Phoebe.

But the stick disappeared.

Phoebe saw that dog again with the purple collar just sitting there and looking at Phoebe. The dog winked at Phoebe again.

The person got another stick.

The stick disappeared.

The dog with the purple collar was still sitting there.

“Well I have no choice but to punch you,” that person said.

“Do not touch her!” screamed Mary.

The person went to punch.

His arm broke.

“Oww!” he screamed.

The dog with the purple collar ran away.

They saw blue and red flashing lights.

“I called the police,” whispered Elizabeth.

The police woman ran out of the car.  She untied the three, and then called a rescue so they could get truck for all of the dogs in the house.

When the rescue’s truck arrived the rescue workers brought all of the dogs into the truck. But there was something different. Something different about all of the dogs.

They all now had a spot with different colored hair shaped like a heart.

Chapter 6:  A Happy Life

Mary’s parents officially adopted Phoebe. Phoebe and Mary were so happy. They even got to share a room. Mary’s parents built Phoebe her own house.

“I have a question, Mom,” said Mary.

“What is it?” said Mary’s mom.

“Did you get that collar for Phoebe?” asked Mary.

“No,” said Mary’s mom.

Mary and her mom looked at Phoebe.

She had a collar on. It was just like the one that that dog had that looked like Phoebe. It appeared there after encountering the mean people. It just appeared.

It said:


Elizabeth knocked on the door. Mary opened the door.  Elizabeth was walking a dog. He was a Pit Bull. He was Phoebe’s brother who had a heart in his coat.

“Who is this?” asked Mary.

“The rescue paid for an adoption fee so we could adopt Phoebe’s brother,” said Elizabeth.  “In fact, all of the adoption fees of the dogs in that house are paid for!”

That night Mary and Elizabeth’s family were all at Mary’s house watching T.V.

Phoebe looked out the window she saw that dog again.

It looked like she was with Mary with a diploma. It looked like Mary had graduated from Harvard and was a doctor.

The dog was in a wheel chair for dogs but she was still happy.

Phoebe kissed Mary.

Phoebe thought that maybe all along seeing that dog was actually her future.

It was.  And it was a beautiful future.


The End



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  1. I loved your story the first time I read it just after you had written — and love it even more when I read it just now!


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