Too Licky

This is All Smiles’ sixth blog post and I am so thankful for all the support you have given me. It really means a lot.

My God mother from Florida told me about someone she knows who has two twin daughters who have written a book. The twins, Ryan and Gigi, originally wrote the book when they were only four years old. The book is called “Too Licky” and is about finding the perfect rescue dog for their family. They adopted a rescue dog a couple of years ago named Sugar. The process of adopting Sugar taught them about rescues and the discrimination against bully breeds.

I talked to Ryan and Gigi over FaceTime so I could talk to them about what they learned about rescue. They learned how much rescues and bully breeds need support. They are going to donate half of the money they make from the book to rescues and organizations that help bully breeds. But first, they have this Kickstarter Page to help raise money to get the book published.

It was great to meet two young writers who are interested in writing and rescues like me. It made me happy.

Thank you to Ryan, Gigi, and their mom Jody for talking to me over the phone, and for helping rescues and bully breeds. You all made me smile. I hope we can stay in touch. Also, good luck with your book!

Down below are two different websites. The first one is the Kickstarter Page and the second one is the Too Licky Facebook Page. Check them out and follow their progress. And always support rescues!

Kickstarter Page


Too Licky Facebook Page





4 thoughts on “Too Licky

  1. I truly love what you are doing with your blog. Not only are you sharing stories that make me smile but you are also introducing us to people and organizations that we wouldn’t know about otherwise. Thanks so much! Very proud of you!

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  2. I love this SO much!!! Love that you’re writing these blogs, love that you’re supporting such a great cause, love that you got to meet some of our friends…LOVE! You always leave me #AllSmiles, but especially today. I am one proud godmama. Love you, Kait.


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